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Since 1965 The Quiet Woman Restaurant & Bar  has been a favorite spot for generations of locals. Tucked away behind bougainvillea and brick, the warm, cozy atmosphere welcomes you home whether you are a weekly regular or a first time guest. Contrary to trendy and far from fussy, the QW is all about sophisticated comfort food, well crafted cocktails, a passionate love of wine and a vibrant late night, live music scene after dinner on most nights. Our demographic defies definition. Stop in and see for yourself !

Fifty years of making memories. 

The Quiet Woman is pretty much a perfect place. 

The QW is the place you go for drinks and appetizers after a day at the beach, at the end of a great day, at the end of a miserable day, to celebrate a birthday, for a casual dinner, for an extravagant dinner, with your kids, without your kids, when everyone in your party all wants different food, when everyone in your party wants the same food, when your octogenarian aunt and multi pierced daughter are going to be celebrating at the same table, for late night munchies, to listen to music, when you are by yourself and don't want to talk to anyone except a bartender who can deliver a well-crafted cocktail and leave you alone. It's the place where you wind up sharing a platter of Kushi oysters with a friendly stranger from Dallas sitting next to you - just because. It's the place where you linger for longer than you should: drinking one more drink than you should, talking about the meaning of life while sinking deeper and deeper into a curved black booth. 

It is in fact, all things to all people who walk in the door. 

Restaurants come and go. Fads flash and die after six months or maybe six years but the QW after half a century won't be going anywhere. Generations have grown comfortable here. Grandchildren of the "old regulars" are the new regulars. Dates, engagements, marriages, divorces and more than a few one night stands have all happened here. Friendships flourish here because you can come in alone and have friends an hour later. It is a place where we know your name, what you drink, where you like to sit and you feel like you're at home when you walk in the door.

And you are. 

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