r e s t a u r a n t   &   b a r
established 1965

The QW will be closed from december 20th

for a holiday hiatus

we'll see you in january

The Quiet Woman opened her doors in 1965 and for fifty-five years we have been greeting guests and making memories. This past year has been one of challenging navigation for us all. In the face of ever evolving information and the confusion of circumstances that seem to change almost daily we have carefully tried to pick a path that will keep our crew and our guests safe while still indulging, to some small degree, in the experiences of life we all long for. 

We have twice closed completely, opened for take-out, closed for take-out, remodeled inside to accommodate safety measures, opened inside at 25%, closed inside, built an outdoor restaurant that far exceeds all safety recommendations, and through it all have strictly adhered to an "all masked all the time" philosophy. This is simply life as a restaurant in 2020 and as difficult and devastating as it has been, it is nothing next to all those who have lost loved ones or face long term health consequences.

This week feels different. It feels more uncertain, more overwhelming or maybe we're all just exhausted - so we have decided to take a break. The QW will be completely closed from December 20 and we'll all be hibernating at home over the holidays. We're planning to reopen in the first half of January. Check our social media and Open Table for specifics. 

To all of our guests, who are more family than guest, your unwavering support, generosity, loyalty and love have kept us going. Merry Christmas! See you in 2021.

Lynne Anthony Campbell
the quiet woman.  3224 pch.  cdm.   949.640.7440. 
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